Park Watch

Grant Park Watch was officially organized in Fall of 2008 and began meeting regularly in Spring 2009. In spring of 2011, Grant Park Watch merged with Friends of Grant Park. It is defined as a community group dedicated to addressing security and safety issues in Grant Park and the surrounding area. By organizing and putting our knowledge and insight to use, we aim to make our park a safe and beautiful place for all. We serve as the eyes and ears for all agencies who share responsibility for Grant Park and our community. Security issues are always the first item on our meeting agenda.

Our e-mail network serves to alert our members and concerned neighbors with timely informationĀ of criminal activity in our immediate area.

To report a crime in progress or for matters of life / safety: Call 911

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (414) 278-4788

To report damage: (414) 453-7275

To report all other incidences call the Sheriff’s Parks Hotline: (414) 257-7378

South Milwaukee Police Department, non-emergency: (414) 768-8060