Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Membership dues for the Friends of Grant Park (FOGP) are optional, although only dues paying members have voting privileges in the group. FOGP sponsors projects that improve and enhance our park. If you wish to make a contribution, you can donate online at (select Grant Park); or send a check payable to The Park People, 10300 W. Wisconsin Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53226, with Grant Park noted on the memo line.

Contact us by e-mail:

We meet in person on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the golf course clubhouse. Based on fluctuations of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also used Zoom for virtual meetings.  If you wish to join and receive email notice of meetings and events, use the membership form below (with dues enclosed if you wish to be a voting member).


FOGP Membership form

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    1. Friends of Grant Park Post author

      Yes, click on the membership tab from our home page, then find the membership form link on that page. Membership dues are optional, unless you wish to be a voting member. There are two ways to pay; one allows payment online through the Park People website, designating Friends of Grant Park as the intended recipient of the donation. The second way is with a personal check, mailed to the address listed on the form. Due to the pandemic, our meetings are currently being held online using the Zoom application. To join those monthly meetings, we will need your email address so we can send an invitation.

  1. iris olavarria

    i have been interested in helping out the park for a while, but life has got in the way. now, i feel its time. i grew up in a farm, so i’m not a stranger to keeping the park looking its best.

  2. Friends of Grant Park Post author

    Although the Friends of Grant Park doesn’t have its own bird association, combined efforts of members of Friends of Grant and Friends of the Mill Pond initially lead to South Milwaukee becoming a proud member of Bird City Wisconsin. Bird City Wisconsin – Communities Helping Birds. We are not Audubon, but certainly support Audubon’s mission. Rita Wiskowski did significant work 3-4 years ago to bring South Milwaukee into the Bird City Wisconsin family. We annually present bird and habitat-related activities to keep our status afloat. This is often offered by Friends of Grant. Between migration bird walks, supporting the feeder in the park, and our habitat work on invasive specie removal and native planting, this is the work we consider most effective. And there is a Facebook page called South Milwaukee Bird City. We would love more support for this page, and encourage more bird-related activities.

    1. Friends of Grant Park Post author

      Soon! We had calendars for sale at Trek ‘n Treat on Oct. 8th, and will post other options soon on our website and facebook page.

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