Mission Statement

The mission of Friends of Grant Park is to preserve natural areas of the park, enhance unique features of the park, encourage use of the park, and to provide a mechanism for private contributions to supplement public funding of Grant Park.

Donations can be made through The Park People, our fiscal agent. Donations can be made here: https://parkpeoplemke.org/friends-groups/donate-friends-groups/, and scroll down to choose Friends of Grant Park. The Park People is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Join us for our monthly meetings! 

The Friends of Grant Park  have monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM, meeting in person at the Grant Park Golf Course Clubhouse, 100 E. Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee.  Park security issues are always first on the agenda.

Our 2023 Board of Directors:

  • Pam Uhrig, Chair
  • Debby Pizur, Vice Chair
  • Lynn Crawford/Debby Pizur, Co-Secretaries
  • Lynn Crawford, Treasurer
  • Mary Fortier, Jackie Benka, and Jody Johnson, Members at Large

To contact the Friends of Grant Park:


and on Facebook at Friends of Grant Park

Friends Group Receives Award


Jim Goulee from The Park People (second from left) presented the award to members (l to r) Betsy Abert; Don Lawson (former Chair); Jan Marsh; and Jody Johnson.

The Park People, an umbrella organization encouraging citizen stewardship of Milwaukee County Parks has awarded their 2013 Volunteer Group of the Year award to the Friends of Grant Park. The volunteer group, formed in 2006, has worked to improve Grant Park through its Weed-Out! programs each spring and fall; replaced carpeting in the golf course clubhouse; installed security cameras to monitor vandalism at the beach and has installed several rain gardens. A slope restoration project necessitated by a washout due to the severe storms in 2011 in the Seven Bridges ravine was installed June 8th, 2012. The Friends of Grant Park received the award May 30, 2014 at the Greenfield Park Pavilion.

12 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. admin

      Hi Sherry,
      You are welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings, held the 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30 pm in the Grant Park golf course clubhouse, 100 E. Hawthorn Ave. in South Milwaukee. We’d love to meet you, and welcome your interest or comments. We hope you can join us.

      Jody Johnson
      Friends of Grant Park

  1. Dave Lee

    Grew up on Lake Drive at the stoplight. Walked that ravine many times. Live too far away to attend, but remember well, my sisters working at the clubhouse. Oh, those french fries!
    Best wishes in this venture

        1. admin

          Monetary donations can be made in check form and sent to Friends of Grant Park (mailing address shared with individuals by email), with “Bird feed” on the “For” line. In general Betsy and Rita have been responsible for filling and cleaning the feeder and tray. We accept with abundant appreciation any donations made to this aspect of our group’s endeavor to enhance the experiences of nature in the park.

  2. Jonathan Thomas

    Shame on your organization for eliminating a longstanding tradition of trapshooting at Warnimont Park.

    1. admin

      Trapshooting into the Great Lakes, or any body of water for that matter, is a violation of the Clean Water Act of 1972. The WI-DNR informed the club that they would need to have a permit to continue operations in Warnimont Park, and Milwaukee County determined that the club was breaking the terms of their lease by not having the required permits, not keeping the property clean and constantly dumping litter (shotgun wadding & shot debris) into the lake. Up until the last year, the club was using lead shot, which is still in Lake Michigan to this day. The club was invited to move to other trapshooting ranges in the county and declined to do so.

  3. Amanda

    Can someone tell me why this group can not do a Weed Out! At the lagoon? The group that is raising money to “restore the lagoon” has been taking donations for years and nothing has been done to restore that area. I just think something fishy is going on there.

    1. Friends of Grant Park Post author

      Since the lagoon is located in the Oak Creek Parkway, and not within Grant Park’s borders, the Friends of Grant Park do not host a WeedOut at that location. I am not aware that the Friends of the Mill Pond are involved in the WeedOut program. Regarding “Restore the Lagoon” fundraising, I believe that is an independent ad hoc group and I can’t speak for their donation program.

    2. Betsy Abert

      Amanda, we took a volunteer group to the Mill Pond about 3 weeks ago to cut down the teasel there. There is a great deal of invasive material growing there, but we note that with some of the materials growing on the pond edge, the goose population (and its resulting waste) has become more manageable than the previous mowed edge.


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