New program: Burdock Busters!


The tenacious burdock plant is tough to eradicate with its deep taproot and flowering seed pods, called burrs, that stick to anything that brushes past, like your jacket, or your dog’s tail.  We have the answer: a special burdock buster spade that can be used by inserting the sharp blade into the ground and slicing the root at an angle below the surface. No back breaking bending or pulling involved. This takes place in June before the root turns woody, and requires the spades be sharpened for easy slicing. We have purchased several of these spades to launch our new Burdock Busters program, and we hope you will join us:

June 1st and June 15th, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Meet at the parking lot adjacent to the bird feeder, across the road from the parks maintenance yard/office.


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