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Soggy Socks! Community Clean Up, April 15

Special thanks to the Health Department of South Milwaukee / St. Francis for their help with our annual Community Clean Up… a great way to honor Earth Day! We had amazing weather, with a mild breeze and lots of sunshine! Thanks to all of the cheerful volunteers who came forward. We had help from Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and many other familiar faces. Here are some photos of our morning, taken by Melissa Ellis. Note the accumulation of trash in the final photo, including a fishing rod, a blue scooter, and curiously, an abundance of soggy socks! Evidently, the warm spring weather we enjoyed earlier in the month inspired gleeful wading in the water, with socks abandoned.

Also, we will recycle two 30 gallon size garbage bags filled with aluminum cans and glass bottles. We’re still removing lots of shotgun shell wadding littering the beach from the former Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club. Milwaukee County chose to close the club in December 2015.