Monthly Archives: May 2013

Friends of Grant Park thanks our Challenge Grant donors

The recent $5,000 challenge grant from Sweetwater SE Wisconsin Watersheds Trust inspired local residents and businesses to make donations to The Friends of Grant Park (either to FoGP, or to our fiscal agent, The Park People of Milwaukee County). We would like to acknowlege their generosity.

Community Supporters

  • Girard’s Service

Individual Donors

Pillars ($200+)

  1. Betsy Abert
  2. Don Lawson and Bobbie Groth

Sustainers ($50 to $199)

  1. Lois Schreiter

Friends (up to $49)

  1. Bonnie Beth and Gary Lugauer
  2. Jill Sahagian
  3. Nancy Wucherer

New Park Benches in Seven Bridges

Last year, Friends of Grant Park received a generous donation in memory of Ronald Henriksen, who was a resident of South Milwaukee. After much discussion, FoGP worked out all of the details of how the donation could be used. The result is that FoGP matched the donation amount to have a very nice wood bench installed near the limestone steps and main bridge of Seven Bridges. The installation work was completed in early August.

To match this, another local resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) has donated funds for a steel bench to be installed overlooking the lake near the bike path, between area 2 and 5 parking lots. This bench has not yet been installed.


Update on the March 2013 Pullin’ O the Green

The 2013 “Pullin’ O the Green” was a great time, with the 4:30 PM seating sold out, and the 6:30 PM seating nearly sold out. The quality of the corned beef (via Emerald City Catering) was outstanding, and the stew (home made by two of our members) also received high marks.

The Irish have one word that properly describes the event: Craic, meaning a fine time.

Some of the attendees enjoyed the band enough to hunt them out at a subsequent “contra dance” gig – this is a terrific compliment to our “house band” musicians! Also, the band’s CD sales were respectable.
(100% of the band’s CD sales were donated to the event.)