Look what washed up on the beach…

Plastic shotshell wads that migrated from the Warnimont Park shooting range and washed up on Grant Park beaches were picked up by volunteers during the Friends of Grant Park 2015 Spring beach cleanup. Nineteen pounds amounting to approximately 3,268 pieces were collected. The first photo shows all of those pieces spread out in a single layer… the second photo shows the same pieces inside a plastic bag. ┬áThe only time the range operators were ever ticketed for littering by the DNR was in 1989.

The white bar in the photo below is a yard stick.


2 thoughts on “Look what washed up on the beach…

  1. John Range

    But where are the pictures of the thousands of pounds of trash found down there not from the club? Seems a little wrong, no?

    1. admin Post author

      So, 19 lbs. of plastic litter from the sportsmen’s club is trivial to you? Since other people litter the beach, is it OK for the “conservation organization” known as the Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club to continually create a stream of litter for other people to have to deal with? If we dumped those 3,268 pieces of plastic wads on your front lawn, would you have us arrested?

      Yes, we are not keen on picking up cigarette butts, fast food trash, plastic soda bottles, and baby diapers. But, there is a saying: if you haul garbage in, you should haul your garbage out. When the public uses a beach and litters, it’s wrong, but we don’t know their identities. We do know who the sportsmen’s club members are.


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