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Our letter to Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Gerry Broderick

November 24, 2014

Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Gerry P. Broderick

Re: Proposed Resolution for further extension of the county’s lease agreement with the Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club

Dear Supervisor Broderick:

We are in receipt of a proposed Resolution apparently drafted by Supervisor John Weishan, File No. 14-910. While the proposed lease agreement discussed therein has not been seen by us as of yet, the Resolution talks about a lease extension which could ultimately cover the next nine years. This of course comes on the heels of an amendment to the county budget originally tendered by Supervisor Weishan, and later by Supervisor Jursik, extending the Sportsmen’s Club’s lease with the county after the County Parks Department had originally sent notice to the club that the lease would not be renewed. Being unfamiliar with the inner workings of the County Board, and when a vote on this Resolution might take place, we are requesting that you do what you can to put the brakes on this proposed resolution until the County Board can be made fully aware of the facts surrounding this issue, something that has not occurred to date. We understand that there is apparently planned an informational gathering session before the County Board’s Parks Committee sometime in December. We are asking that we be permitted to speak at that event and to be allotted a sufficient amount of time to share with the committee the facts surrounding this issue, some of which I will share below.

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Our letter to the EPA

November 25, 2014
Mr. Kevin Pierard
Chicago, IL

Re: Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Operating without permit in Warnimont Park

Dear Mr. Pierard:

It is my understanding that you are the person in the Chicago office of the Environmental
Protection Agency who handles permitting issues under the Clean Water Act. The purpose of this letter is to put you on official notice that we believe the Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club operating out of Warnimont Park in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin is currently in violation of the Clean Water Act for failure to apply for and secure a permit. The club has been operating a trap shoot at that site since the mid-1960’s. Warnimont Park is located on bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. The trap shooting club is set up so that members discharge their shotguns at clay targets which are discharged over the bluff towards the lake. According to the club, 99.9% of all the lead shot discharged by club members at clay targets lands in Lake Michigan. A DNR warden who is advising Milwaukee County on other aspects of the case has witnessed evidence of clay targets also landing directly in the lake. The remaining targets land on the hillside overlooking the bluffs and are eventually washed into Lake Michigan. The club has indicated that 25,000 clay targets are used each year, which would mean that an equal number of lead shot filled shotgun shells are discharged into the lake.

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